Benefits of Lead Recycling

More Cost-Effective
Recycled lead is cheaper to produce than virgin lead. Recycled lead takes less than 25% of the energy required to produce lead from ore extraction.

Conserves Resources
Recycling of lead has a smaller carbon footprint than mining, conserves ore reserves, and reduces the amount of waste associated with primary extraction

Benefits Human Health
A high recycling rate means that there is less opportunity for lead to end up in the waste stream where it requires would pose a health risk to people. In recent decades, the amount of lead from batteries ending up in landfills has dramatically decreased, and as a result, overall flow of lead to landfills has dropped markedly.

Reduces Strain on Landfills
By keeping lead out of landfills, recycling helps conserve landfills, and reduce the need for investment in controls to eliminate airborne particulate from incineration.


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