"Gravita Guard" for sound barriers and acoustic applications

Lead is an extremely efficient material for acoustic control systems. Lead sheet is one of the valued added product which is normally used for soundproofing and radiation shielding . Gravita Guard helps to control noise in various interior environments like hospitals, office buildings, industrial plants and apartment buildings.

"Gravita Guard" plays a vital roll for

1. Blocking of sound paths by barriers
2. Damping of structures and surfaces to reduce vib
ration and radiation of airborne sound
3. Absorbing sound-usually by light fibrous materials.

Lead Sheet for Soundproofing
Lead Sheet for Soundproofing

How to use "Gravita Guard"
  1. Measure the height and lenght of the walls to be soundproofed, particular attention should be paid to walls adjacent to other rooms with sound sources.
  2. Buy enough Lead sheeting to cover the walls you want to soundproof. For this purpose, 0.7mm to 3.5mm Lead sheeting should be sufficient.
  3. Use universal bonding compound to attach foam padding to both sides of the Lead sheet and let it dry.
  4. Coat the side of your triple-layered insulation sheet in bonding compound using a paint roller. Hold the insulation flat against the wall you are soundproofing until it begins to bind, and then leave it to dry. Repeat this process for all the other walls you want to soundproof.
  5. Attach sheets of plasterboard to the outside of the sound insulation, again using UBC, on all the walls that have been sound proofed.


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