Project Green- A Social Initiative towards the environment by Gravita

Gravita successfully started its social initiative to educate people about lead and its hazards, This would be the first social and eco environmental project & initiative from a leading International company.
Being a Lead recycler in India and in other countries, our observation towards recycling is, that the recycling is must for the environment and to reuse the resources, as it has been told that “if we refuse to reuse, it’s the earth that we are abusing”.

So if the recycling is in a systematic manner and gets processed properly, nothing gets affected (Environment, Marine life, People around, Birds, Animals etc.)

So for the same everybody has to be aware about its effects, which is eventually affecting us in indirect way so Gravita took the step ahead and launched PROJECT GREEN on 5th Feb 2011.

What is a Lead Acid Battery?
Battery is a source of Energy, it is becoming a substitute or alternate of power, it is used in two wheelers , four wheelers, Invertors, that means at present , without batteries its hard to think of living, but when it becomes scrap, and we sell it, we are not aware, that it contains Lead metal, Lead oxides & Acid Which is toxic, hazardous and Long-term exposure to even tiny amounts of lead can cause brain and kidney damage, hearing impairment, and learning problems in children. So to protect & to save environment, we should be aware and educate our surroundings about this.

Our object is to make aware end users of batteries, battery dealers, lead scrap & battery vendors about the lead metal, that this is a hazardous, toxic metal, and anything contained lead like battery, should not dropped or left  in the general public areas or dropped in river, pond or sea,  should not be sold to the people who are not recycling it in eco-environmental manner, because these all situations will be the cause of spoiling environment , and that will cause contamination of lead metal in blood, in water , and its smoke will be in air that we breath.


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